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Science crew


Science crew
The new animated series for children about the fun adventures of mismatched and tireless team of scientists: the wise toad-professor LeGoosh, his faithful assistant, a white rat named Ratschtein and a small apprentice crow, the naughty Crowny, who is the main cause and initiator of many of their troubles…

Constant "conflicts" of interests for our heroes mix a serious scientific process with a lot of funny and curious moments, providing all the features for a fascinating children’s game, and making the results unpredictable and touching.

Throughout the series our friends will entertain us with extraordinary discoveries, interesting experiments and adventures, sometimes dangerous but nevertheless inevitably ending "in peace and friendship."

The life through weekdays and holidays of the science team will give young viewers a lot of happy moments and undoubtedly make smile those who are older.

The most important thing in any business and even more so where scientific discoveries are involved, is a team. A team of friends ready for incredible
можно к певому названию "science crew" http://um-group.net

Данный проект занимается изготовлением анимации.

Представляем Вам несколько вариантов их творений.


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